What is the Difference between Advertising and Public Relations?

In today’s market you need to become an expert in both Advertising and Public Relations.

Many people combine the two as if they were the same thing but they are simply not.

They both have the ultimate bottom line goal, which is to increase the value of the company. Their goals although are still different in ways that are equally important.

Advertising is focused on attracting customers/leads and potentially getting them to purchase your product or service.

Public Relations is focused on building your company or brands reputation.

Let me give you an example of why it is so important to have both advertising and public relations.

Let’s say a pizzeria wants to attract new customers, so they put a huge pizza shaped inflated balloon outside their business. That would be considered a form of advertising.

Although when they go inside they get treated with bad customer service, time and time after they go in until they decide to stop going.

When you would ask the customer why they stopped going their response would be “the inflated balloon got my attention, the pizza was good, but the people there are just downright rude.”

This would become a trend and they would tell their friends and so on and so forth.

What happened is that the advertising worked but their public relations was lacking. They focused all their energy on getting people into the pizzeria and not on their public relations.

Their reputation became the rude pizzeria and because of that their business failed. Public Relations would focus on fixing that negative reputation to make it a much more positive one.

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