“KEY WORDS” and why you need it for Advertising!

Advertising has a goal. That is to attract consumers. Once you attract the consumer, you introduce them to your product or service with the hope they will be interested and make a purchase. Well how do we do that? How do we get people to pay attention for one and then also make the purchase?

Frank Luntz is an American political consultant. He runs focus groups, and specializes in testing language. He is also is an author to many business books and is an overall communications guru. He believes that the words people use can be the selling points for the consumer. “Key words” are words that cater to certain niches. For example key words for baseball would R.B.I.s, runs, and grand slams. Key word examples for cars would be tires, miles per hour, and brake lights.

By using these words to the consumer you create a greater sense of similarity to the niche market you’re targeting. The consumer will feel a greater sense of identity to what you are marketing if you use the words they are familiar with. Words are all defined the same way but they also come with an emotion. These emotions are also big deciding factors in closing sales with the end users.

An argument that can be made against Frank Luntz theory is that emotions are subjective.  Perspective and level wise, people react different to certain words based off emotions.  This theory belongs to Frank Luntz. He believes they work and why not take it from him with his proven success. Thank you for reading and please do follow.



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