How to Create The BEST Slogans!

A diamond is forever… now we know you have heard that before but do you know where this saying actually comes from? If not that’s fine because most really don’t. “A diamond is forever” is a saying that is a part of our culture, but before that it was actually De Beers slogan to sell diamonds. And boy did those shiny rocks sell…

courtesy De beers

Great slogans like “A diamond is forever” have been around throughout history. These slogans still work, but to compete with today’s digital age your slogan also must adapt…! Now if you’re wondering HOW @#%! IS THIS DONE!? …. Good.

 Fun Size

Before you can even think about the content of what your slogan will be, the most important key is that it must be memorable. This means your slogan must be short. Anything longer than four words is too long! You have to see yourself as the person reading your own slogan. If they can’t read it in under half a second it’s TOO LONG! They will pass it by and be on to the next thing that grabs their eye.

“So what… I make my slogan shorter. Will that really make the difference in them remembering it?”


If you really want an AMAZING slogan you need to maximize it in every way! So keeping it short is just one part of the puzzle. There’s a tune by a popular American Fast Food franchise, you know how it goes “ba da ba ba baaa i’m lovin it.” Did you just sing a little tune in your head? Great! Because that’s exactly what McDonald s wants you to do when read this. When words are catchy and have rhythm they are always more memorable, that’s just how our brains are wired.

Courtesy McDonalds

“Okay so I have it short, it’s catchy so what? Will this really seal the deal with creating an AMAZING slogan?”


Meaning, Meaning, Meaning. Your slogan simply must mean something. It can be informative specific to your business like “a diamond is forever.” With a slogan like that, there is no guessing to what De Beers wants to sell you. Your slogan can also mean how you want the person to feel when they buy your product or service like McDonald’s “I’m Lovin it.”

Now this is where amazing slogans end for traditional advertising… “But what about in today’s competitive market? How can you really make the most AMAZING slogan?”


What happens when someone wants to buy a product or service, they turn to good old Google. People often search with specific keywords to find their wants and needs. If you take advantage of the HOTTEST keywords in your industry, your slogan will be more likely to pop up organically in the search engines. What does this mean? More sales…

Put A LOT of thought into your slogan. It WILL help you bring in more money to your business. Hey, maybe you will also change our culture like De Beers did



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