What is Branding and why you need it

 A brand is much more than a name… and if you’re wondering, how will I stand out in a crowded room of other products screaming for attention? Then you must have a POWERFUL brand! Branding is involved in advertising, but at the same time it is involved in almost every aspect of your business. Let’s first go over what the @#$% a brand is.


How do people perceive you? That is your brands identity. Your brands name will have an emotional response to it, so choose wisely. Imagine how you want your target audience to feel when they are looking for your kind of business. Let’s say you’re an Alarm Security company. People purchasing alarm security WANT to feel SAFE. So do NOT name your Brand something that reminds people of weakness, you want a STRONG name that makes people feel safe, an example would be “Strong Care Alarms”.

Gatorade wants their identity to be perceived in the same light as athletes and sports. That’s why you always see athletes drinking out of their brands cups. It’s advertising and branding coming together. When you see an athlete drink from a Gatorade cup, it creates an “athletic” perception of their brand.

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“What else goes into Branding? If it’s not just the identity?”


People looking for a good snack will always buy Oreos because every time they buy Oreos, they expect the same consistent delicious taste. The PROMISE of Oreo’s brand is to CONSISTENTLY provide you with the SAME delicious taste. Now what would happen if every now and then, when you purchased Oreos, the taste was off, and sometimes the shapes would be lob sided and not circles… You would lose trust in that Brand and you would probably stop buying them. A brand is a PROMISE that your business will deliver a product or service CONSISTENT to the expected quality EVERYTIME they make the purchase.


Trust is the most important thing in the relationship between businesses to the consumer. Maintain your Brand by consistently providing quality and always ADD to your brands IDENTITY by the images you show in your advertisements.

–        VIEWVAST




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