How to Influence Buying Decisions

You don’t want to smell like body odor correct? No one likes to be the smelly person at work, but if that’s your choice… great. Whether you buy deodorant or not I will teach you why people buy one deodorant from the other. Decisions are what happen in every single person, every single time they ever buy a product or service. If you sell products or services of ANY KIND this may be the most important thing you read in a while…

How can you really influence a person’s decisions?


Here is a little inside secret that not many know, the clothing apparel industry often times buy from the same manufactures. That means the same clothing you see in Gucci are often times the same clothing in on the racks in Target. What’s the big difference if they’re the same shirt??……………. THE PRESENATION. How you package and design your products and services will create value in your product and ultimately influence a consumer’s decision to BUY!


“Okay I create the presentation, but how do I craft my presentation to make the consumer WANT TO DECIDE to buy my product or service!”


Let’s for example imagine your average Joe walking to the body care section and is looking to buy deodorant. He has three different deodorant bars; with three different names …. Pink Love, Purple Giraffe, and Silver Sport. To not much of your surprise most men will decide to buy Silver Sport. Why is this? Because it aligns with his identity. Buying Pink Love sounds to girly and purple giraffe seems like it would be for kids. He’s a man and needs to fulfill that identity. This rule applies to ALL demographics.


“I have a great presentation that aligns with the identity of my target audience; will this be all I will need to close the sale?” Maybe, but if you REALLY want to maximize your sale potential you MUST master this final part…


You are not considered a human if you don’t have emotion. It’s very simple, it’s inescapable, and we all have them. We aren’t even aware of emotions taken place most of the time. That’s because it has been engraved into our DNA since the beginning of our creation as a means of survival. When cave men saw a big mammoth charging at him he receives the emotional stimuli of FEAR! That’s great because he runs away and doesn’t die. When a woman sees a man she wants to give her babies to, she may feel the emotion of LOVE! That’s also great because that keeps our species going. Why do you think people in advertisements always look so damn happy?

From Vacation brochures, to college pamphlets to even the faces on your cereal box. They all want you to feel the emotion of happy when buying their product. Understanding the emotions people are feeling when it comes to deciding to buy, up the emotions they WANT to feel when they purchase it ARE IMPORTANT!



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