How to Sell Products on Social Media

We know that you have been hearing a lot of buzz about businesses making a killing off social media. Of course why wouldn’t they? Practically the whole world has their eyes glued to it at all times. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything other new trending app it is important that you take advantage of this great opportunity to make money.

Starting with Social Media
Now you set up your Facebook, added some pictures to your profile etc etc. Now is the time to make some posts and advertise a bit. Once you have a decent amount of followers, fans or likes through advertising or however you gain them. Now you think to yourself, how do I get these people to buy my product or service? So you may decide to make posts about special sales or posting links to your website to close the deal. Simply put this is the absolute wrong way to produce sales via social media.

People on social media for the most part are not there to look at your product or service, much like people do not go to social gatherings to stare at the advertisements on the walls. They go to be social or at least to be entertained. Why would you think they would want to follow you to stare at your blatant advertisements all day? They don’t, they won’t, and they will ignore, maybe even unfollow you. Ultimately you will NOT make sales AT ALL this way. Here’s how we avoid that…

Fit the Environment


Your social media NEEDS to fit the environment. For example if you are on Facebook, a place where people are looking to make personal and meaningful connections. Be more personable on Facebook, disclose who you are, who the people in your business are. Studies have shown people tend to trust people more, who reveal information about themselves. As you should already know, people buy from companies they trust. DO NOT just only make posts about your products. You can and should post about products but your social media should be entertaining. Make interesting posts related to your industry. Create value in your posts by displaying your businesses good ethics. Now being entertaining is great and a must but do how I really engage my online community of followers?

Make Personal and Meaningful Connections
When people comment or like your posts, respond to them. People value person to person interaction. They will without a doubt remember your brand more if you interact with them. Notice a dedicated fan of your business on social media? Reward them, send them something free, show them you care and value their business and attention to your social media. I know your thinking to yourself… “How will I make money if I am giving stuff away for free?” Simply put, create a budget, don’t give everything away of course, but remember this. People are human, they have human emotions. What happens when you give someone something, they will want to give back. It’s called reciprocity and has been used as a marketing technique long before social media was even a thought.

I challenge you to take these tips to heart, try them out and come back to us and let us know how they work. We hope you succeed. And if you follow this advice you will start making money with your social media.



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