Do you Have an EXTREMELY limited budget but still need advertising? No worries VIEWVAST has your back. We are here for anyone who has ambition and the desire to learn about Advertising. First way to advertise for free is…

Social Media


Setting up a Facebook or Twitter is completely free and a great way to reach out to your target audience. Do NOT be a spammer as this will prevent any chance of followers. The best strategy for many has been to provide valuable content that is related to your industry. Engage your audience, especially to those people who are responding to your content. Provide a sense of entertainment and include valuable information. There should be a perfect balance between how much you advertise vs. how much you entertain and engage your audience. See our other valuable posts on Social Media for more on this.

“Social Media is an excellent idea. I always hear everyone talking about it. Is there any other ways I can promote for free?”

Around your town


Have you ever noticed during election time politicians are always posting signs around your town? Putting up flyers on street poles can be a great free way to advertise. Be sure to contact your local town’s government to verify the legality of it before you do so, but in most cases they will allow it as long as you promise to take it down.

“So I can advertise for free with social media, around my town, are there any other ways to advertise for free?”

What do you have?


Advertising at its heart is getting your message in front of the ears and eyes of the people. Do you have a car you drive to work every day? Why not create a sign and put it on your vehicle. Do you have a t-shirt and a magic market? Write your message on your shirt and walk around your local mall. Think closely about what you have that people can see, then apply your advertising to it.

Advertising with social media, around your town, or with whatever you have can be very effective in getting your message out there. Follow these suggestions and people WILL be put into action to buy your product or service.



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