Advertising and Graphic Design

Graphic Design and Advertising go together like milk and cookies…

In this blog post you will learn the of the Top 3 Best Graphic design techniques in Advertising.

#1 Visual Weight














If your eye goes to the cup with Starbucks logo excellent! Starbuck’s advertiser’s & graphic designers created the advertisement this way on purpose and wanted your eye to go right to that single cup with a logo. With the captive audiences attention and focus going all to that logo is a design technique called VISUAL WEIGHT.

This technique is commonly used in online advertising and marketing media. Interesting right? Let’s go deeper and look at a second example.


Again, where does you eye go first?

Most say in this particular magazine advertisement that their eye goes right to the center the play-doh is placed, and you ignore all the negative white space around it. Want to control where the eye goes? Visual Weight is an excellent technique to use. Having the ability to control where the captive audience eyes and attention goes in ESSENTIAL to advertising and marketing. The question is what will you say once you get their attention?….

The key elements to using Visual Weight is to keep it simple and let there be one significant stand out focal point. The graphic design technique is perfect for online advertising.

Are you still reading? Thank you because here is the second graphic design technique.

#2 Repetition

Graphic Design and Advertising go together like milk and cookies. Wait, a second!?

Was that already said in the beginning of this post? Yes it was, and it was internationally, if you are intrigued read more…

Repetition effects are based on many psychological studies that prove when things are repeated a lot often times they are the most memorable, which is very IMPORTANT in advertising in marketing.


Take this Coca Cola billboard. This multiple use of the Coca Cola cans is what graphic designers call repetition. The repeating nature gives an effect that wouldn’t be accomplished if it simply stood alone next to some copy. Let’s look at another example from the popular sports brand Nike…


In this second ad Nike makes excellent use of repetition. They use of their repetition is excellent! It is much more exciting and memorable to look at many shoes that just a solo shoe. Repetition is a great way to spice your graphic design! It creates for a memorable advertisement.


#3 Color Contrast

Color Contrast is an amazing technique. It is when you use on color to the other color POP! An amazing example that’s well worth mentioning is for this product that has ultimately changed our technological culture to this second. Yes this second, YOU are reading right now. This iPod early ad campaigns were displayed as silhouettes.


These iPod advertisements made EXCELLENT use of Color Contrast. The colors in the make background make the black silhouettes stand out to perfection. The iPod quickly became choice of mp3 player, which we all know led into the world wide fame iPhone.

For the most part these silhouettes are undistinguishable of who they are, what this causes is the person who is looking at the graphic design imagine themselves as the person dancing around with iPod in their hand.






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